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My Daily Activity

Hello guys Today is special day because I will posting about my daily activity during a week. Actually, It’s a little bit shy to posting this stuff because this is feel boring. But okay no problem hehe. This time I want to share my daily activities from 10th May 2017 until 17th May 2017. So, let’s check it out...
Wednesday,  10th May 2017 In that day, I having a class from 07.30-10.00 o’clock. After the class, I didn’t  go home early because at 13.00 o’clock I having laboratorium class. So, I continue my journal and report task in campus with my genks. They were Veren Moody, Elyta Clarrisa,and Evi Mellianti. The material for the lab day is so long. I went to home around 17.00 . Arrived at home, I was going to sleeping and in the evening, my parents ask me for dinner at restaurant. When we were go home, I took the time to watch korean drama until sleep.
Thursday, 11th May 2017 This day was holiday. So , I didn’t do anything in outside  just eat ,sleep, watch korean drama, and cook for my fam…

My Future Bussiness

I often think about bussines idea from senior high school even I imagine can have a bussines one day with my sister.  From food bussines until furniture and others.
    Few days ago,  I get some idea to build bussines. Since senior high school I interested with make up,  skincare. I watch tutorial, read review from blog,  look at instagram and follow some beauty enthusiast. From all of that,  I want make a line makeup brand with natural concept.
    The wish for this idea more bigger when I college in Chemistry major and I know there are dangerous substance for skin that still we used. The concept that I want is makeup just no only for face but it is safe for consumption. Doesn't mean for consumtion but to safe children that play with her mother's makeup and they eat them #myexperince lol. Maybe this idea difficult but why not? Thank you

Robot Competition

Welcome back to my blog!
This week i have been uploded my robot competition with my partner, Evi Mellyanti
If you want to watch it, please click this link below.
Hope you enjoy it!
Thank youBye bye!
See you on the next post.

How to Play Piano Easily

Piano is a one of a music instrument that respected by public. many people think playing piano is difficult and this instrument just for rich people. The big body from piano also make people have negative think about this. Many from piano make it looks very hard to play. So this time, I will give you tutorial about how to play piano easily.
1. The important things for playing piano is the harmony of key or you can call it chord.

Robot In The Home

1. robots make our live better in helping us to do a house work, robots make our live wories sometimes they are very help full but they can alse make troble because they can’t think mist like us they can make human became lazy
2. I wold like to see kind of robots which can take care of use like mother B. Paragraph
1. Bill gates who made his carrer in personal come puters, blives that the age of, home robots has arruved
2. First, robots need a brain a computer
3. We can have robot companions and pets. When we are alderily they will remind us to take our medicine and report to emergency services if there is a problem they will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their may intro our homes C. 1.robots in the home
     2.robots will im prove our lives in many ways - Robots to do in the future

-Aitline pilot, No. because for a flight by a robots inght be an error aystem they mist wait the commad the control room
- Cook, yes it will have a lote of variens and if will save our times …

My sister, a talented singer

Hello! Her name is Maria Claresta. You can also call her Clara. She is my sister. My sister likes singing. And until now she’s already get many achievement from her talent. So, today I want to tell you about an interview with my sister

There are some question that I asked to her. So chech it out Q : Hello sis . How long have you been singing ? A : I think I have been singing since 4 years old
Q : That is a long time. So, how many awards that you have ? A : Actually, I’m little forget it hehe but since 2 years ago there are some achievement that I got. They were : Pesparawi National in Ambon Gold Medal for Youth Choir Category (2015) 2nd Place for Pekan Gawai Dayak Singing Competition (2015) 2nd Place for Singing Competition of “Festival Lagu Dayak Taman Budaya Kalbar”( 2016) 1th Place for Pekan Gawai Dayak Singing Competition (2016) “Pesparawi Mahasiswa Nasional Medan” Silver Medal for Music Category (2016) “Pesparawi Mahasiswa Nasional Medan” Gold Medal for Gospel Category (2016) 1st Place for ch…